Swiss Virtual Campus: Online eduction on „Dealing with Natural Hazards“

The Swiss Virtual Campus program is part of a process aimed at promoting the information society in Switzerland as well as enabling education - in particular higher education - to take advantage of the opportunities now available through new information and communication technology. In this respect the program hopes to provide students with a virtual mobility that will enable them to play an active role in learning processes and follow high-quality courses on their computer monitors.

he project “Dealing with natural hazards” provides the cross-disciplinary basics of dealing with natural hazards, including technical, environmental and social aspects. The Virtual Campus encourages increased exchanges between researchers who are often very widely separated from each other geographically. The course content has been distributed over five modules: Basic Knowledge and Tools, Hydrological and Meteorological Hazards, Geological Hazards, Vulnerability, Integral Risk Management.

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Project applicant : Schweizerische Hochschulkonferenz (SHK), Kompetenzzentrum Naturgefahren (CENAT)

Contact : Markus Stoffel, Michel Monbaron