SedyMONT – Timescales of Sediment Dynamics, Climate and Topographic Change in Mountain Landscapes

Understanding the timescales and controls of sediment dynamics are a prerequisite if we aim to predict the landscape response to changes in temperature, precipitation and runoff. This requires identification of sediment sources and sinks and the mechanisms and rates of sediment transfer at sites in different environments. In SedyMONT, these topics are addressed on the basis of (i) historical records and field monitoring, (ii) morphometric and geologic histories, (iii) a conceptual modelling framework, and (iv) information on past and present climate variability and scenarios of future climate change.

The contributes to the SedyMONT project with the reconstruction of time series of debris flows and the determination of short- and long-term denduation rates and the landscape’s susceptibility to high-magnitude climatic perturbations with case studies in the Berner Oberland and the Mattertal.


Contractors: European Science Foundation (ESF) Topo-Europe” project, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Project duration: May 2009 – April 2012

Head: Fritz Schlunegger

Contact: Markus Stoffel, Sara Savi

Web site: