Debris flows at Ritigraben: magnitude, frequency, channel activity and triggering weather conditions (Valais Alps)

Based on 2450 increment cores, the debris-flow frequency has been assessed on the Ritigraben cone (15702005) and the number of events extended from ten events known from archives to 123 events. The study also allowed putting the apparent increase in the frequency of debris-flow events in the late 20th century into a larger context and showed that debris flows occurred even more frequently in the past than they do today, especially during the 19th century.

A comparison of debris-flow data with chronicle data of neighboring rivers showed that large-scale events with extended flooding affecting most parts of the southern Swiss Alps (e.g., september 1993) have repeatedly occurred in the past as well.

The spatial distribution of trees affected on the cone during past events finally indicates that the largest event known for the Ritigraben (1993; ca. 60'000 m³) cannot be considered a unique event.



Project applicants: Swiss Federal Office for Water and Geology (FOWG); Forest and Landscape Authority of the Canton of Valais; Road and River Engineering Authority of the Canton of Valais; Grächen and St. Niklaus communities

Contact: Markus Stoffel

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