Overview of externally funded research projects

Landslides Guatemala (Sierra de Las Minas) - U.S. NSF project “Linking ecosystem and geomorphic processes to understand the large-scale dynamics of tropical mountains mediated by landsliding”
Horizon-2020 "ANYWHERE" - EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events)
GPCC Program “IHCAP 2 – Indian Himalaya Climate Adaptation Program
ARAUCARIA - Investigating the impacts of Andean volcanism on Eastern South American climate
WoodFlow - Integrated management of large wood in rivers
ELVECS - Effects of Large Volcanic eruptions on Eurasian Climate and Societies: unraveling past evidence to predict future impacts
Austrian Climate Research Program “DEUCALION 2 - Determining and Visualizing Impacts of Greenhouse Climate Rainfall in Alpine Watersheds on Torrential Disasters
Integration of protection forests in risk-based assessments of rockfall hazards
ALIEN project - Assessing the long-term effects of invasive tree species on the protection function of forests against rockfall in Switzerland and France
FLASH India: Extreme flash-flood events in Jammu & Kashmir, Indian Himalayas
UV Project - Toward a systematic understanding of mountain landform dynamics: comparison between the Japanese and Swiss Alps
DEFenCC - Debris flow / outburst flood hazard in Tian Shan under impact of changing climate
GPCC Program PACC2 – Programa de Adaptación al Cambio Climático
AVALAIS - Unveiling the avalanche activity in the Goms Valais (Switzerland) over the past 400 years using tree-ring records and historical archives
Climatic Extremes and Natural Disasters in the Valais Alps from the Middle Ages to the Time of Instrumental Measurements
CLIMPEAT - CLIMate Change in PEATlands: Holocene record, recent trend and related impacts on biodiversity and sequestered carbon
FLORIST - FLOod RISk on the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains
IHCAP- Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Program
Steinschlaggefahren Saastal: Trajektorienfrequenzen, Reichweiten, Sprunghöhen und Magnituden
RUFINE - Dendrogeomorphologische Rekonstruktion von Murgangereignissen in Walliser Wildbächen und Rinnen
Bundesamt für Umwelt, Dienststelle für Wald und Landschaft des Kantons Wallis (2006–2016)
Mas Dendro-Avenidas (MAS D-A) - Metodologías avanzadas para el estudio dendrogeomorfológico de avenidas torrenciales y sus riesgos asociados
IdeaGesPPNN - Investigaciones dendrogeomorfológicas aplicadas a la gestión de los riesgos e impactos en la Red de Parques Nacionales
DEUCALION - DEtermining and VisUalizing Impacts of Greenhouse Climate Rainfall in ALpIne Watersheds ON Torrential Disasters
Austrian Climate Research Programme, Austria (2011–2013)
ARNICA - Assessment of Risks on transportation Networks resulting from slope Instability and Climate change in the Alps
CIRCLE Mountain Programme, Ministère de l'Écologie, de l'Énergie, du Développement durable et de la Mer, France (2011–2013)
ACQWA - Assessing Climatic Change and Impacts on the Quantity and Quality of Water
EU-FP7 project (2008–2014)
HIGH NOON - Adaptation to Changing Water Availability in Northern India with Himalayan Glacier Retreat and Changing Monsoon Pattern
EU-FP7 project (2009–2012)
ADAPT ALP - Adaptation to Climate Change in the Alpine Space
EU-Interreg IVB project (2009 –2011)
SedyMONT – Timescales of Sediment Dynamics, Climate and Topographic Change in Mountain Landscapes
Eurocores Scheme: Topo-Europe project (2009–2012)
CLIMATE HISTORY – Studies on the Climate History of the Western Alps from the Middle Ages to the Time of Instrumental Measurements
Swiss National Science Foundation (2009–2010)
DENDRO-AVENIDAS – Mejoras en la estimación de la frecuencia y magnitud de avenidas torrentiales mediante la incorporación de análisis dendrogeomorfológicos
Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (2007–2010)
METRO - Analysis of the Meteorological Factors Triggering Debris Flows
AXA PostDoc Research Fund (2008–2009)
GEFAHRENDOC – Documentation of Natural Hazards Processes
Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (2008–2009)
POPOCATÉPETL – Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Lahars and Rockfall Activity in México
Fonds du Centennaire de l’Université de Fribourg (2007–2009)
ST. LIVRES – Dating of Fossil Wood in the St. Livres Ice Cave
Fonds du Centennaire de l’Université de Fribourg (2005–2008)
GROSSE GRABU – Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Debris-Flow Activity at Grosse Grabu
Forest and Landscape Service of the Canton of Valais (2006–2007)
EROSION – Reconstruction of Erosion Rates in Swiss Mountain Torrents
Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (2003–2007)
ROCKFOREST – Assessing the Protective Effect of Forests against Rockfall
Etablissement cantonal d’Assurance des Bâtiments ECAB, Fribourg (2005–2006)
Wood Anatomy and Geomorphology
Swiss National Science Foundation (2003–2006)
RITIGRABEN – Frequency and Magnitude of Debris Flows, Channel Activity and Triggering Weather Conditions
Swiss Federal Office for Water and Geology (FOWG), SFP and SRCE, Canton of Valais (2001–2003)
NAHRIS – Dealing With Natural Hazards and Risks
State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER), Natural Hazards Competence Centre (CENAT) (2000–2003)