Selected case studies

Flow-path changes in the incised channel of the Illgraben torrent
Tree-ring based reconstruction and modelling of snow avalanches at Cheerbach and Breitwald (Goms Valley)
Debris-flow reconstruction and modelling at Ritigraben
Snow avalanches, debris flows and floods at Torrent du Lourtier and Dranse de Bagnes
Tree damage and mortality of trees after rockfall tests (Vaujany, France)
Debris flows and floods in gullies and torrents south of the Simplon Pass: past activity and (meteorological) triggers
Dendrogeomorphological analysis of debris-flow activity on the Geisstriftbach cone
Tree-ring reconstruction of past overbank sedimentation events out of the current debris-flow channel at Illgraben (Leuk-Susten)
Reconstruction of past debris-flow frequency at Torrent de Pétérey (VS)
Spatio-temporal reconstruction of debris-flow activity at Torrent de la Greffe (Vionnaz)
Cold scree slopes, dwarf spruces and climate: Dreveneuse, Valais
Reconstruction of the debris-flow frequency at Reuse de Saleinaz, Val Ferret (Valais)
Channel activity of past debris flows at the Bruchji torrent (Aletsch region, Valais)
Spatio-temporal variations of rockfall activity at Täschgufer (Valais Alps)
Spatial and temporal changes in rockfall activity at Schwarzenberg (Diemtigtal, Bernese Prealps)
Differentiation of debris-flow and snow avalanche impacts in coniferous woods on the Birchbach cone (Lötschental, Valais)